Our Fundraising Program is designed to help you raise money as QUICKLY and EASILY as possible. During the fundraising period - usually 30 days - your group will distribute digital cards designed with YOUR logo - supplied by NASCAR Car Wash - that can be scanned at participating NASCAR Car Wash locations. The holder of the barcode receives a $2 discount on EVERY $12 or $17 car wash they buy and the team/group receives $2 for each wash! It is that simple. After 30 days, we write a check to you! The more barcodes redeemed, the larger the reward!

HOW Rewards WORK

After distributing barcodes, earn rewards as follows:

  • Distribute as many bar codes as you'd like.

  • Barcodes can be used over and over again during the fundraising period - usually 30 days.

  • For EVERY $12 or $17 wash purchased using the barcode the group raises $2!

  • For example; if your team distributes 100 codes to friends and family and each one of those codes is redeemed TWICE during the month-long fundraising period - we will write you a check for $400!

No Cost To You!

We'll handle all the heavy lifting at no cost to you! All you need to do is get the word out!

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