Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

General Wash FAQ

What is the clearance height for vehicles?

The maximum height for any vehicle in our car wash tunnels is 7 feet.

Is the wash a touch-less car wash?

No, our car wash uses brushes to clean your vehicle.

Do we provide detailing services?

No, we do offer a towel dry with hand applied tire shine as an upgrade on all but our Lite Wash.

Are rain checks available for washes?

No, we do not provide any rainchecks on our wash selection.

Monthly FastPass FAQ

How can I sign up for a FastPass?

You can sign up online or by visiting your nearest NASCAR Car Wash Location!

How do I pay for my FastPass?

Your credit card will be charged on a recurring basis. You may cancel any time before your next recharge date.

How many vehicles can use my FastPass?

Your FastPass is only good for one vehicle. A sticker will be placed within your windshield that will allow you through our gate.

If I purchase my pass online where do I go to activate it?

Visit any location and ask an employee to activate your pass with a sticker. You will need to stop inside before trying to go through the wash.

How do I update my billing information?

Visit any location and ask an employee to update your information. You can also do it online!

How do I suspend or cancel my FastPass?

Visit any location and ask an employee to discontinue your FastPass. You can also do it online!

Loyalty Card FAQ

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up here!

How does it work?

You are awarded one point for every dollar spent. Redeem these points for free washes and other rewards.

For example: If you buy a $17 legend wash, but use a $2 off coupon you will receive 15 points because your total is $15.

Are there physical cards?

No. We distribute virtual passes that are housed within your smartphone's Wallet app.

How do I see my points?

Visit any NASCAR Car Wash location and scan your loyalty card at an X-press Pay Terminal, then select 'print point total'. Your points will also be on all of your sale receipts. You can also ask an attendant for more information, as always.

I lost or deleted my Loyalty Card. How can I get it back?

Sign up for the program again here, be sure to use the same e-mail, phone number and name you used when you first signed up. If you have any issues please email

Can I be a FastPass member and still use a loyalty card?

No, your washes from your FastPass plan cannot be used to claim points for your loyalty card.

We are currently working on solutions for our monthly pass holders.

Virtual Card FAQ

How can I add my Gift Card to my Apple or Google Pay Wallet?

You can visit our virtual card portal to activate your digital gift card. Please have your physical gift card ready or the email of the one sent to you.

Does my virtual card expire?

Your virtual card's expiration date is directly linked to your initial sale of the gift card. This means that 3 years after the initial sale, the gift card will expire.

Where can I use my virtual card?

Any wash location can accept your virtual gift card! Simply present your QR code to an attendant inside or scan it at one of our X-Press Pay Terminals.

How can I reload or check the balance of my card?

While we work with our OEM to incorporate this into your pass, you will need to visit in order to recharge or view the balance of your virtual card.