NASCAR has the most loyal fan base of any professional sports organization in the US. Loyal NASCAR fans enthusiastically support businesses that sponsor their sport. As an Official Licensee of NASCAR, we have the exclusive rights to build and brand NASCAR Car Washes across the US and Canada. This is NOT a franchise program. Rather, it is an opportunity to build your business with one of the most recognizable brands in the country and to do so with a car wash build or conversion program that adds value to your business.

Here are the ways you can join our team:

  1. Build a new NASCAR Car Wash – We offer a turnkey construction process that will get your car wash open and generating revenue sooner than you might think. We make the process seamless for you so that you can focus on growing your business. Please contact us at build@nascarcarwash.com or click "HERE" to give us your information and we will contact you.


  2. Convert your existing Car Wash to a NASCAR Car Wash – Converting your car wash to the NASCAR Car Wash brand is easy. We are working on a turnkey program that minimizes your cash out of pocket while giving you all the benefits that go along with being part of the NASCAR Car Wash brand. Please contact us at convert@nascarcarwash.com or click "HERE" to give us your information and we will contact you.